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Matt talks about his eighth wedding anniversary, New Years Eve, Netflix, Roma, Bird Box, Joe Rogan, College Football Playoff, and changing things up.

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Matt O'Daniels joins to talk the 2018-19 College Football Playoffs and bowl season.

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Matt talks about a career day he participated in, Lawrence Frank, Chris Jent, New York City Baby-moon, The Old Homestead, Peloton in-studio, and more!

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Matt talks new horizons, career day preparation, stitching together your interests, midterms 2018, and NFL Picks for Week 12.

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Matt talks flying squirrels, the midterms, the Romanoffs, Outlander, iPhone XS, new iPad Pros, and more.

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Matt is joined by Tim Castano to talk about the disappointing New York Giants season, NFL storylines at the halfway point, and the NBA's first half month.  

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Matt talks about LeBron James' first game with the Los Angeles Lakers, YouTube TV, Thrifty car rental fines, Better Call Saul, running, saunas, and the 25th anniversary of "Rudy."

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Matt talks about the need to change things up sometimes, swimming, wildlife in his home, and Week 5 NFL recap.

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Matt talks about his 36-hour trip to Texas, Spirit Airlines, Ozark, car rentals, bulletproof coffee, saving money while traveling, and flying squirrels in his house.

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Matt talks about the new Apple announcements, iOS12, and Amazon's new Echo products.

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This conversation was originally recorded in January 2017.  Joshua Jacobs is an educator and learner.  The discussion touches on reading, podcasting, Josh's time in Zambia with the Peace Corps, September 11th, and much more.

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Matt McQueeny and Tim Castano preview the NFL season and prognosticate on the win totals for all the teams.

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Matt talks about his intentions to go on a trip to Texas in September, HBO, and Netflix.

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Matt is joined by Tim Castano and Greg Hrinya to talk about the upcoming 2018-19 NBA season and a run-through of all 30 NBA teams.

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Matthew O'Daniels joins to discuss the upcoming college football season, the MLB playoff push, MVP talk, and more!

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Matt talks vacation, the changing routines of little kids, ghosts, uncle Robert (RIP), The Vietnam War, The Fourth Estate, and much more.

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Matt talks neighbors, working out, seeing what's in front of you, and Blue Apron.

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Matt talks summer vacation, melancholy, Tim Tebow, and Billy Martin.

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Matt talks World Cup, baseball, the best shows on television right now, prioritizing media consumption, chipmunks in the basement, and the unnecessary pain of setting up a new iPhone from backup.

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Matt talks through the 2018 NBA Finals, LeBron James, Stephen Curry, and Apple WWDC.

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Matt talks pickup basketball, how much free time you have when you are young, working out, 9/11 experience, Cobra Kai, and his family's Memorial Day weekend in Saratoga Springs.

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Matt talks about sleeping apps, the Apple Watch, Google Duplex, power outages, Google Wifi, and mesh networks.

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Brian Spracklen is an operations and business development executive specializing in start-ups and business unit creation/improvement within existing organizations. His 20-year career spans multiple industries including Maritime, Fire and Safety Protection, Real Estate Finance, and Mobile Technology.

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Matt talks Mets, LeBron James, flying squirrels, Avengers, Apple's subscription play, and Spotify.

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Daniel Parlegreco is the author of DTP's 2018 NFL Draft Guide: 300+ Player Evaluations for the 2018 NFL Draft.  He watches a lot of film and provides a well-organized description of the top prospects at all the positions.

Find Daniel on twitter at @DTPDraftScout and get his 2018 NFL Draft Guide on Amazon.

This episode is brought to you by Big League Pillows.  Use promo code "mixminus" for FREE SHIPPING.

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Matt talks NBA Playoffs, Philadelphia 76ers, LeBron James, New York Mets, Matt Harvey, and the New Jersey Devils.

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Matt is joined by Greg Hrinya and Tim Castano to preview the 2018 NBA Playoffs and discuss the top stories from the NBA regular season.

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Matt talks cord-cutting, flying squirrels, Black Panther, and Donald Trump.

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Matt is joined by Matt O'Daniels to talk about the Final Four, college coaching changes, the upcoming MLB season, and The Masters.

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Younger brother Tom McQueeny joins to discuss his cross-country American odyssey over the past two months.

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Matt talks about intense snow storms, Buffalo Wild Wings, MLB Spring Training, traveling with a toddler, and New York City.

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Matt O'Daniels joins the show for the fifth annual Mix-Minus NCAA Tournament/March Madness breakdown.

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Matt talks sledding, Atlantic City, spring training, YouTube TV, cable television, Netflix comedy specials, and Mindhunter.

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Tim Castano and Jayme Alfano Mulhern join the show for the fourth year to talk Oscars 2018/90th Academy Awards, including nominees for Best Picture, Director, Actor/Actress in a Leading Role, Actor/Actress in a Supporting Role, and more.

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Matt talks about his weekend alone with his three year-old son, MoviePass, Charles Manson, the Florida Project, and more.

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Matt talks Super Bowl, over/under results for the NFL season, and YouTube TV.

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Matt talks lattes, wedding anniversary night out, The Post, Michael Wolff, NBA, and Trae Young.

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David Raether was a television comedy writer for most of the 1990s, most notably including a four-year run with "Roseanne."  After leaving television to focus on family, he couldn't get back into employment, lost his nest egg and his home, and became homeless.  David talks with Matt about his life, having eight kids, writing in television, what its like to lose it all and live on the streets, and the story of how he picked himself back up.  

His recently released memoir is called "Tell Me Something, She Said."

Tell Me Something, She Said (Paperback Edition)

Tell Me Something, She Said (Kindle Edition)

What It's Like to Fail - Priceonomics (Longform Adaptation of "Tell Me Something, She Said")


*Originally released 12/30/13

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Matt talks engagement rings, Donald Trump, book reading, David Letterman, Oscar movies, and the NBA.

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Matt talks about the New Year, Christmas vacation, extreme cold weather, running long distances, sickness, rolfing, and Saratoga, NY.

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