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Matt McQueeny is joined in-studio by old friends Andrew Pangert and Matthew O'Daniels.  Topics include the Germanwings crash, how people convey themselves on social media, "window-dressing" honesty, robots,  Inherent Vice, baseball, UBER, and one man's experience with psilocybin.

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Matt's brother Tom McQueeny joins the show to talk about podcasts, apps, Sirius XM's new app, Tesla, driverless cars, Walking Dead, and more.

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Andrew Bucholtz is a writer for Yahoo! Canada Sports and the sports media blog Awful Announcing. Last year he did a multi-part story on the career of Bill Simmons.

Matt and Andrew discuss Bill Simmons' telling interview with the tech news site Re/code and where things stand between Simmons and ESPN in this the last year of his contract.

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Matt O'Daniels joins the show for the second annual Mix-Minus NCAA Tournament/March Madness breakdown.

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Matt talks about the Apple Watch, HBO Now, CBS All Access, the iPad Air 2, dealing with non-tech savvy relatives, and Pocket Casts' new android app. 

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Matt talks all about the experiences on a business trip to Atlantic City, the uselessless of a business center in a casino, the excitement of changing things up and getting away, Google vs. Apple, and a few experiences of recent synchronicity.

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Matt talks coffee, Russell Westbrook, Citizenfour, Net Neutrality, the Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge, and HTC One M9.  He also goes into where smartphones could go next - a Phabrid? - and what cellular companies could do to better service customers who want the latest and greatest in technology.

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