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A discussion with Matt's mom, Mary Amoroso, on being adopted, reuniting with biological family and what it has meant to her life.  Mary Amoroso was a syndicated columnist, "The Pressured Parent," for The Record of New Jersey, as well as a television host for Comcast's CN8.  She has a varied history in media, something she says she went into so that she could put herself in a position "to be found."  Mary keeps a blog at http://maryamoroso.blogspot.com/.

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Matt talks with wife Melany about internet dating and the beginnings of their relationship.

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Matt McQueeny talks with Frank Alvarez, a software developer, and Marq Romero, design and creative guy, about iOS7, Google conspiracies, and the iPhone 5S' fingerprint technology 

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Mix-Minus podcasts sets its mission.  Episode 1 gives background on Matt and what he hopes to accomplish on the 'cast.

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