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Matt O'Daniels joins the show to preview the College Football Playoff and other NCAAF bowls we think are interesting, the suddenly-ascendant Charlotte sports scene, and much more.

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Matt talks about the New York Giants loss to the Carolina Panthers, Odell Beckham Jr. vs. Josh Norman, Howard Stern's resigning, how Stern is like LeBron James, and what could have been for the Portland Trailblazers. 

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Matt compares being married with a baby to being a NFL head coach, talks about the seeming stagnation and perhaps demise of Apple, Amazon's continued march, and a few things he read and watched this week about undercover operations.

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Matt talks with Tim Castano about Giants-Jets, NFL Week 13, NBA, and dubious advertising.

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Tim Castano jumps on to talk about NFL Week 12 and the brutal New York Giants loss to the Washington Redskins, NFL Quarterbacks, Chip Kelly, the NBA, Jahlil Okafor, Jalen Brunson, potential kryptonite contenders for Stephen Curry and the Warriors, Netflix shows, and comic book movies/television shows.

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Tim Castano joins to talk about the psychology of consuming current events, Syrian Refugees, the NFL, and the NBA.

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Matt O'Daniels joins to discuss a recent trip to Colorado to see USC, the Trojan War documentary, NCAAF Week 12, NCAAM Basketball, the NBA, and whether Sacramento is a secretly good landing spot for John Calipari.

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Tim Castano joins the show to talk the New York Giants-New England Patriots game, the NFL Week 10, and early season NBA. 

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Matt goes all in on technology, talking about (and to) the Amazon Echo, Apple TV, YouTube Music, and Apple's rumored P2P mobile payment service.

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Matt talks about dealing with a standing baby, a trip to see a domesticated goose, the New York Mets, college football, Roku 4, Back to the Future, and Google's foray into podcasting.  He is then joined by Cleveland sports author Vince McKee (at the 39:00 mark) to get the lowdown on the Cleveland sports scene.

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Andrew Bucholtz joins the show for his third appearance.  Andrew is a writer for Yahoo Sports Canada and also covers sports media for Awful Announcing.  Matt and Andrew discuss the shutting down of Grantland and what it means for modern media.

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Matt is joined by Matt O'Daniels to talk about the New York Mets, who are now in an 0-2 World Series hole against the Kansas City Royals.  The discussion also hits on balancing life events when your team is in the playoffs, the incomparable highs and lows of following sports intensely, and the upcoming weekend in college football.

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Tim Castano joins to preview the 2015-16 NBA season.

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Matt O'Daniels joins to discuss the New York Mets and their path to the World Series, the best potential American League opponent, and the weekend in College Football.

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Matt O'Daniels joins the show to talk Steve Sarkisian and USC, College Football, and the MLB Playoffs.

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Matt is joined by MattOD to talk college football through four games and the Major League Baseball playoffs.

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Matt talks marriage, alone time, and the new products that were announced by Google.

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Matt talks Fear the Walking Dead, the Volkswagon scandal, passing the car buy/sell rubicon, The Washington Post app, Amazon Prime's video app download option, and Colin Cowherd's new show on Fox Sports.

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Matt talks New York Mets and the upcoming MLB Playoffs, The Los Angeles Dodgers, the New York Giants, Grimes, and the innovative Brownscast.

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Matthew DuBois just finished the Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance Run. Matt talks about what it's like to run 100 miles straight, training for the event, and maintaining some semblance of family and work life.

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Dan Morris, who works at MTV Networks, joins Matt to talk about Apple's September 9th event, which announced the iPhone 6s, iPad Pro, and the new Apple TV.

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Matt talks about the end of summer, a Labor Day weekend family trip to Harrisburg, PA, minor league baseball, Cutter Dykstra, and the Matt Harvey situation.

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Matt talks about Domino's Pizza, Apple Watch bands, Siri Proactive, and Parsis, before being joined by his wife Melany (at 39:35) for a candid spousal discussion of the Ashley Madison hack.

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Matt talks about a successful vacation, his second with the baby in tow, Double Down, Top 5, Daredevil, JustWatch, Cape May Brewing Company, and the dynamics of finding your niche. 

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Matt O'Daniels joins the show to break down the major storylines for the 2015 College Football season.

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Vince McKee is a growing force in the sports literary world. His first four books "Hero, Cleveland's Finest, Jacobs Field, " and "The Cleveland Cavaliers: A History of the Wine & Gold, " all helped to build his credibility as a top-notch chronicler of the impact of Ohio sports. Vince is also the MMA correspondent for InscriberMag: Digital Magazine.

Find Vince McKee on Twitter: @VinceTheAuthor

Check out Vince Mckee's books on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1DlH59x

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Matt talks about August, the Apple Watch, an iOS9 Beta disaster, and the psychology of time.

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Matt talks about summer colds, Siri Faux Pas, iOS 9 Beta, Ex Machina, and the promise and pitfalls of truly humanoid robots.

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Greg Hrinya has covered the Brooklyn Nets for the past five years for Examiner.com. His just-released book is titled "Five Year Plan: The Nets' Tumultuous Journey From New Jersey to Brooklyn."

The 5-Year Plan: The Nets' Tumultuous Journey from New Jersey to Brooklyn

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Matt talks his first extended vacation with a baby, Jurassic World, The New York Mets, Apple Music, and another thing that the Apple Watch needs to do.

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Dan Morris, who works at MTV Networks, joins Matt to talk about all of the interesting things announced at Apple's World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC).  The two also discuss their shared experiences as Apple Watch early adopters. 

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Caseen Gaines is an author, director, educator, and popular culture historian. His third book, We Don't Need Roads: The Making of the Back to the Future Trilogy, hits the streets Tuesday, June 23rd and was published in 2015 to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the popular film franchise through Plume (Penguin Random House).

We Don't Need Roads: The Making of the Back to the Future Trilogy

Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks

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Matt is joined by Tim Castano to talk about the NBA Finals, summer movies, and Interstellar.  

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Matt answers "When is Father's Day?" and talks boxer shorts, Apple Watch shipping, FC Barcelona, Lionel Messi, soccer in America, the Triple Crown, the Cleveland Cavaliers and why they should trade Kyrie Irving for Carmelo Anthony.

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Matt discusses Fish in the Dark on Broadway, Mike Tannenbaum's intense connection to the NBA Finals, Google I/O, Android, Spotify, and streaming music.

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Tim Castano comes on the show to talk NBA Playoffs, the 1996 NBA Draft, the time that he was a stand-in for David Stern, and the ways the playoffs could be made better. 

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Matt talks about going to his little brother's college graduation, his baby's first extended outing, Amazon Fire TV's new private listening, Grantland's Orlando Magic oral history, and nights in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  

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Matt talks NBA Conference Finals, Los Angeles Clippers, Hack-a-player, Houston Rockets, Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers, Atlanta Hawks, and a little New York Mets baseball.  

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Matt talks Mother's Day, Fish in the Dark, Pacquiao Mayweather, NBA Playoffs, the New York Mets, and more.

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Matt talks Nets-Hawks, NBA, New York Mets, Mount Tambora, Fracking, Climate Change, A Most Violent Year, Diet Pepsi, McDonald's, and Crumbs!

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Matt talks warm weather, Peloton Bikes, how April is the best month of the year, the New York Mets' hot start, the Brooklyn Nets and the NBA Playoffs.

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Sean Pena is a lawyer and social commentator.  Discussion hits on Apple vs. Android, Apple Watch, parenting, Walter Scott, Rolling Stone's University of Virginia rape story, Milton Bradley, and more.

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Matt McQueeny is joined in-studio by old friends Andrew Pangert and Matthew O'Daniels.  Topics include the Germanwings crash, how people convey themselves on social media, "window-dressing" honesty, robots,  Inherent Vice, baseball, UBER, and one man's experience with psilocybin.

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Matt's brother Tom McQueeny joins the show to talk about podcasts, apps, Sirius XM's new app, Tesla, driverless cars, Walking Dead, and more.

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Andrew Bucholtz is a writer for Yahoo! Canada Sports and the sports media blog Awful Announcing. Last year he did a multi-part story on the career of Bill Simmons.

Matt and Andrew discuss Bill Simmons' telling interview with the tech news site Re/code and where things stand between Simmons and ESPN in this the last year of his contract.

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#85: Andrew Bucholtz | #89: On Glenn Beck & Gone Girl 

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Matt O'Daniels joins the show for the second annual Mix-Minus NCAA Tournament/March Madness breakdown.

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Matt talks about the Apple Watch, HBO Now, CBS All Access, the iPad Air 2, dealing with non-tech savvy relatives, and Pocket Casts' new android app. 

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Matt talks all about the experiences on a business trip to Atlantic City, the uselessless of a business center in a casino, the excitement of changing things up and getting away, Google vs. Apple, and a few experiences of recent synchronicity.

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Matt talks coffee, Russell Westbrook, Citizenfour, Net Neutrality, the Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge, and HTC One M9.  He also goes into where smartphones could go next - a Phabrid? - and what cellular companies could do to better service customers who want the latest and greatest in technology.

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Matt talks about the bi-annual anxiety of the dentist checkup, why we continue to stock up for every storm, Artie Lange and his new podcast, Stephon Marbury, Kevin Garnett, Nightcrawler, how to choose the best streaming movie/tv service, Google's new iPad apps for Inbox and Google Music, Apple's foray into car manufacturing, Better Call Saul, and Psilocyban.

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Tim Castano and Jayme Alfano Mulhern join the show to talks Oscars 2015/87th Academy Awards, including nominees for Best Picture, Actor/Actress in a Leading Role, Actor/Actress in a Supporting Role, and more.

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Matt goes solo to talk about a night in New York City to see John Oliver standup, the ridiculousness of driving into the city, french press coffee, liquid's role in starting fights, Microsoft 10, Box.net, movie piracy, Bill Burr, StartUp, Chipotle going vegan, and more.

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Kevin Pelton is a NBA analyst for ESPN Insider and a Seattle native and sports fan.  For the second year in a row, we preview the Seattle Seahawks in the superbowl, and then run through the NBA at the halfway point. 

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Matt talks about the fire at the Avalon apartment complex in Edgewater, NJ.  The discussion jumps off to include a personal history of the area (it is where he lived for a time and where he proposed to his wife), the area's importance in the Revolutionary War, the Palisades Amusement Park, the movies Cop Land and Big, and much more.

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Ben Wetzel is a lawyer and voracious reader.  Matt and Ben talk reddit, technology, reading, television, current events, marriage, and more.

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Matt talks about getting new tires after a few driving scares in bad conditions, slipping on ice while walking and thinking about Natasha Richardson, and doing yoga with one of his hardcore music heroes, Ray "Raghunath" Cappo.

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Luke Mullins is a Senior writer at Washingtonian who penned a fascinating behind-the-scenes longform article on the decline of NBC's Meet the Press, and how its now former host David Gregory lost his job.  

Find Luke on Twitter at @lmullinsdc.

WashingtonianHow David Gregory Lost His Job

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Crazy family stories, starring my uncles.  

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