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Matt talks with Randy Chieco about his upbringing, family, and their shared experience of playing in bands.

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Matt talks to brother Tom McQueeny, who just returned from a semester abroad in Germany. We cover living in Berlin, drinking stories, how Tom's generation consumes content, and his own attempt at a comedic news source, @dairymcqueen on twitter.

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Matt continues his discussion with Chris Kerrigan about gun control vs. gun rights, the NSA, Healthcare, and season 6 of Sons of Anarchy.

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Matt talks to old friend Chris Kerrigan about being an Emergency Medical Technician, working the overnight shift, grandparents with alzheimer's, guns, and sports.

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This is three-part harmony as Matt goes free-form spoken word before talking with Jim McQueeny about podcasts, and then Mary Amoroso and Melany McQueeny about Sam's Club, snow, reading habits, and Matt's faulty memory.

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Matt talks with Randy Chieco and Marq Romero about the Walking Dead's season 4 explosive midseason finale.

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Matt talks to Don Opatrny about family business and the psychology behind it all.  Anyone who heard Episode 4 with my mom, Mary Amoroso, knows that she was adopted.  Don happens to be one of my "found" uncles (in-law), after my mom was reunited with her biological family. Don is an experienced family business consultant as well as a licensed marriage and family therapist.  

Read more about Don Opatrny >>

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