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Mix-Minus with Matthew McQueeny

Oct 10, 2023

In this episode of the Mix-Minus Podcast, Matthew McQueeny takes us on a journey from the sprawling corridors of the Mall of America to the digital domain of the Sitecore MVP Summit. Celebrate with Matt as he reflects on his inaugural selection as a Sitecore MVP and the insights from his trip to Minneapolis. On the sports front, we dive deep into the NFL's Week 5 happenings, give you a sneak peek into Week 6, and discuss the ups and downs of New York's football scene. The Giants are off to a rocky start in 2023 - what's next for them? Meanwhile, the Jets appear to be holding onto hope, but for how long? And if you're a baseball aficionado, get ready for some eyebrow-raising statistics from the 2023 MLB regular season, highlighted with a fun segment of "Who are these guys?"